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Last Updated on May 6, 2021
First posted on November 8, 2020

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You may recall that just over three years we created a section on our website called The Air Canada Aeroplan Saga - All the resources you need. That section brought together all of our articles, blogs posts and media appearances when the major news broke out that Air Canada wasn't going to renew their contract with Aeroplan and were going to create their own program. Fast forward to now and a lot has happened, Air Canada bought back Aeroplan but still set about creating a new version of it. That brings us to this new section of the Rewards Canada site where we will bring together all of our blog posts, articles, media appearances and more in to one easy to use summary page.

I would recommend bookmarking this page as it will be continually updated with new articles and information as we learn more about the new program now that it is live.

Aeroplan Articles and Features

Articles & Features

The New Air Canada Aeroplan program is now live

It’s finally here - after more than three years the new Air Canada Aeroplan is now live. What follows is a recap of the what the new program entails as we originally published back in August 2020.  This is the best article to start with if you want a general overview of the new program.

Read all about it here
Aeroplan Everday Status Qualification is officially here

When the first news of the revamped Aeroplan program came out last August one feature that was being touted was being able to earn elite status from home. Unlike the limited time promotion early on during the pandemic this feature would be a full time everyday benefit of the Aeroplan program. Appropriately named Everyday Status Qualification, that benefit has officially launched now.

Learn more here
TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card Review (2022)

One of the most popular travel rewards credit cards in Canada, the TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite* Card was first reviewed by Rewards Canada in 2014 when it was introduced. This mainstay Aeroplan card from TD underwent many changes for the new program and thus the need for this updated review.

Read the review here

Which credit card earns the most Aeroplan Points?

Way back in 2012 we published a feature and infographic that compared how various credit and charge cards in Canada earned Aeroplan miles. The last time it was updated was 2014 and a lot has changed since then! It is only fitting that we provide a new and revised version of that feature as well since there have been so many changes in those 7 years.

See the cards here
The New Aeroplan credit cards compared

Here we have the new Air Canada Aeroplan cards compared side by side. You can easily check out all their benefits, point earnings, insurance and more from the from versions of thier cards: Premium, Ultra Premium, Entry Level and Small Business.

Learn more here
Discussing the new Aeroplan program with Air Canada's Mark Nasr & Derek Whitworth

In this podcast episode Rewards Canada's Patrick Sojka sits down with Air Canada's Mark Nasr, Vice President, Loyalty & eCommerce and Derek Whitworth, Senior Director of Loyalty Products to discuss the new Aeroplan program.

Listen to the podcast here

A guide to the new Air Canada Aeroplan program flight reward redemption process

This post is an overview of that process and will not be a deep dive into comparing the redemption rates.

Learn more here
Air Canada Aeroplan Priority Rewards examples from a Super Elite Member with an Aeroplan co-brand credit card

Now, thanks to Rewards Canada reader Dat N. we have examples of Priority Rewards for a Super Elite member with an Aeroplan co-brand card.

Read more here

The Air Canada Buddy Pass explained and evaluated

One part of the new welcome offers on the majority of Aeroplan credit cards is a Buddy Pass and in this post we'll let you know the Buddy Pass and what it can provide in terms of value

Read more here
Air Canada Aeroplan Elite Status Priority Rewards explained

One of the new features that came with the revamped Air Canada Aeroplan program is the Priority Rewards benefit for elite status members.

Learn more here
A quick look at the new Air Canada Aeroplan dashboard

With the new Aeroplan program now live the first thing you'll see when you log in is an option for a tutorial about their new dashboard. We cover that and a little bit more in this article!

Check it out here

Rewards Canada Podcast Episode 72 - The New Air Canada Aeroplan Program

In this podcast episode we discuss the highly anticipated and long awaited new Air Canada Aeroplan program.

Listen to the podcast here
A closer look at the new Air Canada Aeroplan credit cards

The first look at the new suite of Aeroplan co-brand credit cards. I recommend scrolling down on this page however to see all the individual card offers!

Learn more here
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the new Air Canada Aeroplan program

Probably doesn't need more explaining - we look at what could be good, bad and ugly in the new program

Learn more here

Aeroplan Bonus Points Offers

One of the oldest pages on Rewards Canada! We launched this page way back in 2001 to list all the ways you can earn extra Aeroplan points on flights, hotel stays, car rentals and more. Don't worry it's frequently updated so you won't find any offers from 2001!

See the offers here
The Air Canada Aeroplan Saga - All the resources you need

Our resource page of everything that led up to the new Aeroplan. Old news really but if you want some late night reading to see how everything transpired between 2017 and 2020 this is the place to go

See it here

Aeroplan Credit Cards

The New Aeroplan Credit Cards


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