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Last Updated on January 25, 2023

Rewards Canada is the longest running loyalty rewards and credit card rewards resource website in Canada! Launched in 2001, Rewards Canada has provided millions of Canadians with ways to earn more miles and points, the best ways to redeem those hard earned points and miles, to make the most of their credit cards and so much more.

Founded by Patrick Sojka of Calgary, the need for Rewards Canada came from the lack of a Canadian specific site providing information on travel reward programs. At the time there were less than a handful of sites out on the web covering loyalty programs and all were from an American perspective. Thus the beginning of Rewards Canada - a dedicated loyalty resource for Canadians. Today, Rewards Canada is considered by many as the premier resource for travel rewards on the Internet and the founder Patrick Sojka as a Rewards Program expert who regularly provides interviews for Print, TV and Radio segments on travel rewards, loyalty programs, credit cards and the travel/airline industry. is part of FFB Group Inc. which is a conglomeration of websites listing and providing information for frequent travellers. From the launch of our first website in 2001 to today, FFB Group has helped frequent travellers maximize their miles and points. The websites have received accolades from frequent travellers, airlines, hotels and the media. From the knowledge gained in developing and running our websites, FFB Group expanded into providing consulting services to various players in the loyalty industry including travel providers, media and financial corporations.

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Why Rewards Canada?

Whether you are new to the world of points & miles, loyalty programs and credit cards or are a seasoned veteran, Rewards Canada is for you. All of our articles, features and news are written in a a way that you don't have to be a points and miles expert to utilize or learn from them but also provide those little nuggets of info that experts are looking for. We also look at what everyday Canadians would do with their programs and credit cards. Using real world examples such as 'which locations are students most likely to shop at', and 'that most Canadians only redeem for travel within North America' or that there are those 'who want to stick with credit cards from the bank they bank with', we take this all into consideration.

When it comes to all of the reward and credit card programs, Rewards Canada always looks at both sides of the equation, that is earning and redemption side of things plus many other factors. You'll find other websites and blogs don’t. When another site heralds a reward chart as being great because the cents per point value is better than those of other programs but then fail to mention what it actually takes to earn those points, they have failed the reader as it can prove to be very expensive endeavour! Not so at Rewards Canada, in fact we have compared the same award charts and same credit cards and come to very different conclusions because we do look at more factors, many of which are real world aspects of day to day life for most Canadians.

Not only do we try our best at helping educate consumers, we are the Canadian consumer's voice for loyalty programs. We help consumers when they have issues with programs by being a liaison between thosee programs and our readers. We can't guarantee results when reaching out on behalf of our readers but we have seen success!

Rewards Canada also pushes programs to change and we will call them out when they have blatant disregard for their members. The latest such example of this is how Rewards Canada called out BMO for not adjusting their flight redemption rate when they were having technical issues for flight bookings. Thanks to Rewards Canada, BMO changed the rate to a more reasonable rate for their members. You can read the entire story in these two articles:

Ultimately since we have been in the industry for over 20 years we do have very good relationships with many of the loyalty programs and credit card issuers so it allows for Rewards Canada to be the go between for the Canadian consumer and these companies.

Last but not least Rewards Canada is the leader of publishing breaking news about loyalty programs and credit cards in Canada. Not only are we the number one source of news for the Canadian public we are also a priority source for other points and miles, travel and finance sites.

Here are just some of the latest examples of loyalty program and credit card news broken by Rewards Canada:

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 Our History:

September 2001- Rewards Canada launched on the free member page at
January 2002
- Rewards Canada Travel launched - a logical extension of Rewards Canada, this site is a guide to some of the best travel deals found on the web from various providers for Canadian travelers.
August 2002
- Rewards USA Travel launched - The same as Rewards Canada Travel except focusing on U.S. travelers
September 2002 - Rewards Euro Travel launched - Similar concept as Rewards Canada and Rewards USA travel except focusing on travel deals in Europe
December 2003 - The first Rewards Canada frequent flyer forum comes online
March 2004 - The domain name is obtained and put into use, at this time a new version of the frequent flyer forum is launched
February 2005 - is launched. Much like Rewards Canada in the fact it features bonus mile opportunities but for everyone worldwide not just listing those offers that are available to Canadians.
January 2006 - The third incarnation of the Rewards Canada Frequent Flyer Forum is launched
September 2006 - Rewards Canada licensed content (bonus mile & point listings) can be found on Canada's first Cash Back Rebate site
Nov 1, 2007 - Rewards Canada content for bonus offers and travel deals can be found on, Canada's Frequent Flyer Forum.
March 2008 - is launched. Much like Rewards Canada and in the fact it features bonus mile opportunities but filtered to list offers the UK residents can take advantage of.
January 2009 - The Frequent Flyer Bonuses Facebook fan page is launched. See it here.
February 2009
- The Rewards Canada Blog is launched at
February 2009
- The Frequent Flyer Bonuses Blog is launched at
March 2009 - is launched. Much like in the fact it features bonus mile opportunities but only listing those offers that are available to Austrian, German and Swiss residents.
July 2009 - The first annual Canada's Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards is released on Rewards Canada to a roaring success. Read the article here.
August 2009 - To better represent ourselves to the Global market, we rebrand the umbrella name of our websites to the Frequent Flyer Bonuses Group from the Rewards Canada group. With that as well, we drop the Rewards USA Travel and Rewards Euro Travel sites to focus specifically on travel rewards.
July 2010 - The second annual Canada's Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards is released on Rewards Canada. Read the article here.
July 2011 - The third annual Canada's Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards is released on Rewards Canada. Read the article here.
November 2011 - Rewards Canada celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a huge contest featuring prizes from American Express, Aeroplan and Etihad Airways
July 2012 - The fourth annual Canada's Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards is released on Rewards Canada. Read the article here.
January 2016 - Rewards Canada's parent company incorporates and rebrands as FFB Group Inc.
July - December 2016 - Rewards Canada is featured in the media no less than 25 times discussing the AIR MILES expiration policy and the website plays a significant role in bringing awareness to the issue that the loyalty program eventually reversed.
December 2020 - The newest version of the Rewards Canada logo is revealed. Click here to watch a video detailing the making of the logo!
September 2021
- Rewards Canada turns 20!
December 2021 - The main Rewards Canada website undergoes a revamp with a whole new look
January 2022 - The 14th annual Canada's Top Travel Rewards Credit Cards is released on Rewards Canada. Read the article here.