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Expiry and Inactivity Rules of Canadian Loyalty Programs


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With all the news that surrounder the impending AIR MILES expiry in 2016 (see our Guide to AIR MILES expiry here) we thought it best to compile the rules that most Canadian loyalty programs have regarding this issue. First off you have to know that there are two different types of 'expiry' rules employed by loyalty programs. Those two rules are Inactivity Account Expiration and Mile/Point Expiry. The definitions of each are as such:


Inactivity expiration happens when you have not been active with a loyalty program for a set amount of time. If you are not active with a program you stand to lose all your miles and points and have your account closed. In terms of being active it typically means earning or redeeming at least one mile or point in your account in that set amount of time as outlined by your program. Some activity may not qualify, for example Marriott Bonvoy was famous for giving out some free points via Twitter and other social media channels, those points did not extend your account. You can see in the chart below that almost every Canadian program has an inactivity rule and the set time period ranges from 12 months to 24 months of inactivity. A key point to consider however is with myHusky Rewards. yYur account is suspended after 18 months and if you don't re-activate and use your account within 60 days after that date you will lose all your points. Also some programs will only count earning activity and not redemption. Always read the terms of conditions of all programs that you join to see what their rules are pertaining to Inactivity.


Mile/Point Expiry differs from the inactivity rule in that it affects the points and miles in your account even if your active with that program. Effectively Mile/Point expiry is a date stamp on those you have earned and they will expire after the time set out by the program if you don't redeem them. This is the rule where all the news surrounding AIR MILES has been trumpeted from. Back at the end of 2011 AIR MILES announced that miles will begin expiring 5 years from when they are earned but then in December 2016 they reversed course due to customer backlash. Aeroplan had set a similar rule prior to AIR MILES of 7 years but then removed that rule before it came into effect. As you can see from the chart below there are only a few of the major Canadian loyalty programs that actually have an expiry rule. The AIR MILES debacle went so far the Ontario goverment put in place legislation, that officialy became law on January 1, 2018, that banned the expiry of miles and points. Quebec is following suit as well. With the two most populous provinces having these rules in place we can expect that no Canada-wide program will ever have expiry dates. Also if you tend to collect miles in certain European and Asian frequent flyer programs check the terms and conditions as many of them have expiry rules as well. Of note, all programs run first in first out, so when you redeem from a program that has an expiry rule the oldest miles count toward that redemption.

The Programs and their rules:




Aeroplan (Air Canada) 12 Months Miles do not expire if account is active
AIR MILES 24 Months Miles do not expire if account is active
Canadian North Aurora Rewards 24 Months Points do not expire if account is active
Canadian Tire Triangle No rule My Canadian Tire Money does not expire
Chapters Indigo Plum 12 Months Points do not expire if account is active
Cineplex SCENE 24 Months Points do not expire if account is active
Esso Extra 12 months Points do not expire if account is active
HBC Rewards 12 months Points do not expire if account is active
More Rewards 18 months Points do not expire if account is active
myHusky Rewards 18 months + 60 days Points do not expire if account is active
PC Optimum 24 months Points do not expire if account is active
Petro Points 12 months Points do not expire if account is active
Porter Airlines VIPorter 24 months Points do not expire if account is active
7-Eleven 7Rewards 90 days Points do not expire if account is active
Starbucks Rewards 12 Months 6 months from the month earned
WestJet Rewards 12 Months Base Dollars do not expire if account is active
Bonus Dollars expire after 12 months

Tips to keep your miles and points from Expiring

Keep track of expiry/inactivity dates

The first step in keeping on top of expiry and/or inactivity dates is to track your loyalty programs. We here at Rewards Canada like to use a site called Award Wallet. Not only does it let you track the balances of most of your reward programs they will tell when those points or miles are set to expire (and send you reminders!). Of course you can just set up your own spreadsheet at home to keep track of your programs as well. If you don't use Award Wallet you can sign up here

Make sure you earn and/or redeem frequently

Be aware of the rules of the programs you use and make sure you have at least one qualifying activity in the set time period as outlined in the chart above. If you haven't earned points or miles and stand to lose some in a program look for a very low redemption option like donating points to a charity. For most programs that will count as an activity. For others it can be as simple as buying a couple of chocolate bars at a gas station convenience store.

Use a credit card tied into the loyalty program

When a loyalty program has a co-brand credit card attached to it you can almost guarantee that you won't be subject to the inactivity rule, if you use the credit card that is! So long as you utilize your co-branded credit with programs then you have no worries at all unless that program is AIR MILES, myHusky Rewards or WestJet Rewards since they have actual expiry rules. You really shouldn't let WestJet Rewards dollars expire since they can be used just like cash and you don't have to wait until lots of dollars to redeem.

Use programs that don't have expiry/inactivity rules

Simple as that pick the programs that you know don't have rules that will affect you or if they do that you know you'll be active enough to keep the program from closing your account

Going to lose your points due to an extenuating circumstance? Talk to the program!

If you have lost your job or had an unfortunate accident or medical condition that will keep you from being active in a program, talk to that program! We have seen lots of compassion over the years from Canadian loyalty programs in extending members accounts, letting them transfer them to another, etc. You just have to ask and you may have to provide some paperwork but at least your hard earned points and miles may not be lost. Please note however that if you contact the program after your account has already been closed or the points & miles have been removed you may have a tougher time getting them back.

Talk to us!

Do you have any other tips to keep your miles or points from expiring? Would you like some other programs added to the list above? Tell us in the comments section below or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter!

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