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Rewards Canada Weekly Round Up Podcast - Episode 1


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Starwood Hotels


September 19 Episode 1

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Deals of the week

Movers & Shakers

Tip of the week

Register for every promotion even if you think you may not use it.

  • The majority of bonus offers released from travel reward programs require registration and while you may not think you can take advantage of the bonus offer, register anyway. Who knows when your employer may send you to Phoenix for a meeting and you don't remember or realize that the airline you're flying on was offering double miles on all flights to or from Phoenix. By registering for an offer when you first see it, you're making sure you don't miss out on any bonus opportunities. You should always check Rewards Canada's bonus offer pages prior to booking any travel and/or commencing travel to make sure you are earning the most miles on flights, hotels, car rentals, shopping, airport parking and more!

Your Questions!

Since this was the first episode we didn't have any reader/listener questions but the call is out for you to send them in! Send them to or in the comments below!

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